Yoga - What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. The aim of yoga is to help us live life to the full and experience true happiness, contentment and balance. We each have physical and mental barriers which get in the way of this enjoyment of life and yoga helps us to work with the body and mind to overcome those barriers. The classes consist of breathing exercises, physical postures and relaxation time. Regular practice of these aspects can help to build core body strength, strengthen the immune system, allow the practitioner to control mental stress more effectively and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Yoga is not competitive. It is a very individual practice where different students are challenged by different aspects of the practice. Beginners and experienced students are able to attend the same class and both work to their individual levels. The nature of yoga practice means that as students progress with aspects of the class they are able to go deeper into the yoga practice.

yoga sketch - dancer's pose

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