Yoga - Simon's Classes

Yoga with Simon classes include the following elements;

Promoting correct diaphragmatic breathing, helping to efficiently provide energy to the body, to relax the body and mind and to keep a clear head.

Physical movements include 'Sun Salutation' which is a sequence of movements to warm up and to open the body. This is usually practiced a number of times and is also a wonderful practice to perform outside of the class for a few minutes each morning.

Physical postures are usually held for a few breaths each. The aim is with practice to be able to comfortably hold each posture with minimum effort. Each posture has different benefits and the sequence of postures ensures the entire body is exercised.

Towards the close of the class, a period of rest and relaxation gives the student the opportunity to relax more deeply, removing tension from the body, calming the mind and promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

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