Yoga - Yoga Philosophy

The word 'yoga' is often translated in English to mean 'union'. This refers to a balanced union of the individual mind, body and spirit with the rest of the world, a certain state of consciousness as well as methods to help practitioners reach that state of union. Hatha yoga classes use physical movements and postures, breathing exercises and relaxation to improve our health and our control of the body and mind. This is said to improve our capacity to cope with life and to ultimately experience true contentment and balance in our lives.

Yoga philosophy states that we each already have everything we need to be truly happy. Our true nature is peace, happiness and one-ness with the world and everything in it. However, few people experience this true happiness because our minds distract us, creating un-necessary stresses and worries. Physically our bodies suffer the consequences of stress and mentally we begin to carry more and more emotional baggage and create mental 'issues' which give us an emotionally-charged, deluded view of the world.

Yoga gives us tools to take control of our bodies and minds, allowing us become more healthy and to begin to see the true nature of the world and of ourselves. The point of yoga is not just physical fitness but to become balanced with the world, to live in the moment without mental attachment, to focus, observe and accept your experience of the world without judgement and to let go of the ego.

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