Yoga - benefits compared to many other forms of physical exercise;

  • compared to other weight-bearing exercise there is very little shock placed on joints and muscles so injuries resulting from impact are much less likely
  • physical movements such as stretches and inversions encourage healthy blood flow around the body without placing strain on the heart
  • breath control and regular periods of rest prevent build up of lactic acid and reduce fatigue and stiffness during and after exercise
  • yoga includes warming up and cooling off exercises so has a low likelihood of strains due to overuse of cold muscles
  • yoga practice can be modified to suit individual health issues
  • students are encouraged to 'listen' to their body and learn what is suitable for them rather than pushing themselves to keep up with others
  • yoga helps build core body strength, improving posture & helping protect the body from injury
  • yoga exercises the whole body rather than building strength in some areas at the expense of others

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