Health Concerns - is yoga suitable for you?

The style of yoga taught by Simon is designed to give the benefits of exercise and yoga without straining the body. Compared to many forms of physical exercise it gives good health benefits without a need for the student to already be particularly physically fit. There are few people for whom this style of yoga is not suitable.

Health concerns which would prevent you attending a class tend to be temporary conditions such as following an injury or operation or the last trimester of pregnancy. For longer term health issues the teacher may advise you to modify certain poses to protect vulnerable areas of the body whilst the majority of the exercises in the class would be performed as normal. Examples include low/high blood pressure, glaucoma, neck problems, arthritis, respiratory problems, back pain, RSI, asthma, depression, headaches, dizziness, stress or any health issue which would prevent you from performing some aspect of normal physical exercise. These longer term issues would be unlikely to prevent you attending yoga classes.

If a health issue affects you and you are unsure if yoga is appropriate, please contact your doctor and ask them about the suitability of 'hatha' and 'astanga' yoga. If you have a health issue but are confident you can take part please contact Simon at prior to the class or arrive to the class in good time so you can discuss any modifications required with the teacher.

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